I’m on the martini diet. I’ve already lost two days!

I’m on the hunt.  It’s open season and it’s time for me to kick things into high great for my hunt.  and no, I’m not hunting rabbits.  Although I kind of resemble Elmer Fudd.

This morning I begin my day with some new goals and my first hunt.    My prey is, well, myself.  Allow me to explain.  You all remember how I had a ‘doughy’ November and December?  Sure you do, you remember me bitching and complaining. 

‘Doughy’ is a nice way of saying I ate anything and everything in sight over the ‘holidays’.  Pasta, bread, cookies, chocolate and this was all my breakfast starter for the day.  Instead of the holidays being limited to just a few short days, mine spread into 2 months.  2 glorious, sugar and carb filled months of unbridled ecsatcy.

Add a slab of pate to this photo and this is spot on! I'm also hungry now...anyone else hungry?

I’ve been hitting the gym strong again for the last 5 weeks and feeling stronger.  As I want to keep in shape and prepare for a few more triathlons this summer, I figured I should lay down the cookie dough. Added kicker? I now have to be in a bathing suit in one month.  Panic.  Girls, you feel me here…I KNOW you do.

Maybe this comes in my size?

This February I’m on the hunt.   The hunt to find my abs and a bathing suit that won’t have me oozing in all directions.  This, my dear friends, may need an act of divine intervention.

It begins!  I’m thinking with a food exorcism.  But since the church slammed the door in my face to the tune of ‘Get a life and some self control’…this is something I must do on my own.  This blog is my testimony for the next month.  The month of February, healthy foods and continued solid gym time.

A solid warning has also been issued to my friends and family.  Be afraid, be very afraid.  I imagine that for the first week, I’ll look and behave something like Linda Blair on the Exorcist, except with less control.  If you have a carb on your plate, cover it.  If you have cake, run…for I WILL chase you for it.  and mark my words….YOU BETTER BE FAST.

The true test?  I’m giving up my sacred Chair Tea Latte from Starbucks.  Hello, my name is Vivid and I’m addicted to Chai Tea Lattes.  Yes, I said it.  Ok, giving up is a strong word, but I’ll allow myself one a week. 

Charming, Right?

I may go through the 12 step recovery process this month, but I most certainly know I’ll have a long list of apologies to dole out for my detox behavior.


5 thoughts on “I’m on the martini diet. I’ve already lost two days!

  1. I’m telling you – explore the whole foods, plant-based way of eating – – the carb craves are no longer (like I used to notice) and it’s great for your body and training. Just a consideration/thought. I’m right there with you with the eating well and training for a tri.

    1. Summer, thanks for the suggestion. I have seen it and while appearing in theory, they usually replace the sugar with Aspartame or nutrisweet, which I happen to believe is the devil’s sugar and evil. That will kill me faster than glorious sugar. 🙂 It’s a wonderful idea though and if I liked substitute sugar, I would have boarded that train! 🙂

  2. Good luck on the hunt. I am struggling to find the will power to stop my holiday binge and get it together. I look forward to your tips and rants this month, it might just be the encouragement I need.

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