Commuting is more fun in India

I’ve been negligent.  Not unlike bailing out on my healthy eating habits, I’ve neglected my blog.  Ok, I’ve abandoned this blog.  Clearly, from my antiquated and irrelevant analogy, you can see I’m a bit rusty. 
But where are my manners?  Like new episodes of your favorite TV show after a writer’s strike, I’ve been gone, with no updates and you can’t really remember the plot or point of this blog anymore.  Which is probably for the best. 
Let me open up about the month’s I’ve kept you in solitude from my brief hiatus.  All of the intricacies.  The soul-searching and the winding paths of my life the last months.  I got a new job. Great, we’re all caught up.  Whew!  Glad we got that out-of-the-way. 
I know, you’re thinking “Why come back?  Why blog now?  You’ve bailed out once, you probably will again.”  To that I say ,shut up, stop your whining and yes, I’ll most likely disappoint you weekly with my bitter posts to the point where you wish I will just slip away into the night. 
This wasn’t a choice.  This is more of a calling.  I tried to resist…really, I did.  The sheer lack of common sense and pure idiocy of people, in general, has forced me back into the blogging community. Ok, let’s get real…my boyfriend and friends are sick of my bitching and complaining.
You, my twisted reader, and this blog are my savior and psychotherapists.  Admittedly, this therapy is probably more Dr. Lechter than Dr. Phil, but let’s not get nitpicky.   You are in no position to judge.
As I cry out and exclaim ‘Really?” in a tone of disgust and contempt, I’d like to address my life working in the city.  Boston to be specific.  Old Beantown. Ironically, I’ve never had beans in Beantown.  That’s probably best for everyone involved.
So, join me, won’t you, my rabid readers?  On my commuter ride to poor etiquette, inappropriate behavior and disgust.  Welcome Aboard!

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