Just as a Navigator uses the stars, I’ll use Bars and Lounges to find my way

The foundation and roots of this blog began in what was a rich cornucopia of feelings, human emotion, human connection and relationships. Ok, let’s get real. It started as a way for me to bitch and complain about the absolutely wonderful world of dating.

But, I skipped lunch!
But, I skipped lunch!

The poor grammar, sub-par hygiene and conversation that would make anyone want to take the red pill immediately. THAT is just talking about me. Not to mention the other minions of idiots that actually went out with me.

Since starting my blog, I’ve met a wonderful man thus retiring my online profile. Really, no need to thank me, as I think I just heard a collective sigh of relief from the single men of the world.


Much like human evolution, this blog too is evolving. Into what? Who the hell knows. I just feel it’s time to explore. Explore what? Everything. New restaurants, martini bars, new towns, States and Countries, my inner child, my outer child, my colon. I’m going all Dora the Explorer on the world and myself! Only much taller, relentlessly skeptical, not as friendly, paler and let’s face it, not as smart.

I think this is the version of Dora I’d actually be.

Hey, if Barbie can go to Mars in her fabulous pink and white outfit, I can head to Canada for a baguette.

I don't think this is NASA sanctioned
I don’t think this is NASA sanctioned

and so begins my next blog adventure. A hodgepodge and slurry of events on my road to…anywhere. Let’s get a martini together. Join me, won’t you? Let us leave now and go to our journeys limits – or until I get too lazy and stop writing this blog entirely.

Just too good to resist
Just too good to resist

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