“I’ve been on so many blind dates, I should get a free dog.” *


My senseless 3 month dating cage match summary continues from eHarmony on to Match.com.   Where to begin?  Match.com, you are joy and sorrow to me.  You are laughter and hatred to me.  You are the ‘Sybil’ of the dating world.  … Continue reading

Did you eat an extra bowl of stupid this morning?


Dating is exhausting.  Online dating is draining.   I’m weary. I’m approaching the end of my 3 month ‘online dating cage match experience’.   Not unlike many people’s first three months of having a child (no sleep, worn out- or so they tell me), … Continue reading

Thanks for the photo. It makes me want to dump Clorox in my eyes.


Ok.  I messed up.  I admit it.  It’s not the first time and it won’t be the last.  I’m an idiot. “Mr. 1800’s Moustache” emailed me again.  You may remember his emails from my post yesterday.  No?  Ok- take a … Continue reading

I’m thankful your honesty showed me how crazy you are.


It’s Thanksgiving.  A time to be appreciative.   I’m going to give thanks for honesty.  Karma is a bitch.   She’s a crafty little devil.  I believe that if you are good and honest, more likely than not, good things will happen.  … Continue reading

Long Duk Dong has a valuable lesson to teach us.

Wise beyond his years...

Cheating.  I don’t understand it.  Truly I don’t.  My online dating cage match has led me full circle to the topic of cheating.  Yes, I know, typically my posts have shirtless pictures of Hugh Jackman and mocking the stupidity of others.  I’d like to sit with you all today and have a dialog about cheating.  Maybe some of you can educate me with your thoughts and experiences.

It's important to diversify. You can literally see the growth in my blog...

Cripes….I’ve already gotten too serious for myself.  “Today, on a very special episode fo Blossom, Blossom deals with trials and tribulations of Joey shacking up with two women…” 

Why this post?  So glad you asked.    Several reasons.  Online dating, as we all know, is a vast kaleidoscope of losers…I mean, people…people.  Yes, vast people.  What I’ve come to find out is that many of the men online are indeed…wait for it…married.  “Married?”  “Yea, Married”.  Long Duk Dong knows that I’m talking about.

Now, As much as I’d like to marry Jake Ryan and this post be dedicated to his hotness, I’ll get back on track.   Many men online are married and looking to have affairs.  Some are upfront about it, most are not.

It’s come to my attention that several of my friends, as of recently, have been cheated on.  No, they were not married to said bastards…THANK GOODNESS.  They were lied to none-the-less.  As a result, are upset.  Rightfully so.  They were lied to.

What’s with  infidelity?  Do we subscribe to the fact that men are animals and mating with other people is simply in their DNA?  Do we acknowledge that fact, with the caveat that we are more evolved than just animals and are capable of making honorable decisions?  Or is this world just about making ourselves feel good, even at the expense of others?  Or, are they just shitbags?  I’m going with shitbags.

This post stems from my experiences this weekend as well.  Married men, flirting with me.  Sure, no problem.  Flirting is healthy.  Married men trying to put their hand up my skirt?  Excuse me sir, you need to buy me dinner and a drink first! Oh wait, they did.  Ok, then it’s a no-go all around.  Men, out for work trips, cheat all the time.  I’ve seen it for more often than not.

Not without some jewelry buddy!

I can’t even begin to fathom, no matter how bad things are in a relationship, that you turn to someone else to make yourself feel better.  Ultimately, really hurting many other people in the process.  Or being the ‘other woman’?

Yea, here is a pillar of self esteem and STD's

It’s not fair for me to say that this is JUST men.  Women do this too.  I’ve been cheated on.  It sure felt like my heart was being ripped out and took me quite a long time to get over.  The minute I knew about it, EVERYONE was confronted.  and I mean the minute.  Let me tell you…it wasn’t pretty.  At all.  I mean for him.  the crying was unbelievable.  Me= rage.  Shocking, right? 

 Now, there are many things that I will cheat on.  I’ll cheat on my diet.

I’ll cheat on my exercise.

I’ll cheat on trying to squeeze my ass into size 4 pants.

I’ll never cheat when it comes to relationships.  I won’t.  People, who have cheated, ask me all the time “how do you know you won’t cheat?” Trying to convince me that I will do it.  To that I respond: “Well, I believe in myself.  I believe in respect.  I know how badly it hurts when someone cheats.  I’d never place that feeling on someone else.  No matter how much they hurt me. Life is hard enough.”  I’ve also had amazing role models growing up on what a relationship is.

Knowing all this selfishness is out there for a roll in the hay and instant gratification, many of my single friends are now questioning marriage.  We see infidelity more often than fidelity.  Is cheating the new norm?  What do you think?

Let me also leave this with you.  May all the cheating men out there be saddled with this from some woman they scorned.